As a small business owner, sometimes it may be hard to self-motivate. You know you need to build your brand and promote your business, but where do you get the energy?

I have always thought that the whole idea of ‘New Year, New You’ was soooo cliche, but this year I have made a self conscious decision to have faith in that quote. That said, I will be taking some of my own advice and setting New Year’s resolutions for my business.

Why set a New Year’s Resolution?

I think that it will be beneficial to set a resolution because it will be like a diary, an accountability buddy, an insight of my past, present and future.

The New Year is a good time to implement new strategies, supercharge growth and make adjusts/improvements for long-term success.

I made my business New Year’s Resolution plan yesterday, make yours today!

To help give you a head start on your personal New Year’s Business Resolutions, we have included 16 business resolutions (16 because it is 2016… ๐Ÿ™‚

1. Revamp your social media strategy

If you have put your social media channels on the back burner, you need to push it back forward. In 20156 visual will be king. People used to love pictures, but now people want videos. They want to feel close and like they are in the loop.

Here are some video ideas:

* Behind the scenes of your business, it can be fifteen seconds to a minute

* Interviews with industry experts

* A personal vlog of your progress or of yourself

2. Ensure your website content is accurate and SEO friendly

I have seen too many times small business owners not take their website seriously. Redo your website and have content be king, videos be the queen, pictures be the prince and keywords be the princess.

3. Look over your business and marketing plan weekly

Constantly remind yourself what you need to be doing and how you should implement it.

4. HARO is your new best friend

Short for โ€œhelp a reporter out,โ€ HARO is a perfect tool to help you gain exposure. The free e-mail newsletter service allows your to reach out to reporters seeking to shed light on companies, products and people to post to their individual sites, articles, blogs, vlogs and shows.

5. Get social media management

Use a free tool, such as Hootsuite to auto post your social media content and help you keep up with analytics. Social media can eat up your time, don’t let it. Work smarter, not harder.

6. Utilize Google Plus

I used to not pay too much attention to Google Plus, until I realized how many views I was getting on it weekly. Wow! This social tool is great for small-medium sized business owners, check out why:

* Improve SEO rankings

* Help to build and promote your brand (for free)

* Can offer exclusive promos and coupons directly to your customers

* For free you can use Google Hangouts and chat with the media, customers and colleagues

* Enables your content to be put out on another channel

7. Delegate your duties

Your business is your baby, I know. But sometimes you need to delegate your duties to your employees and trust that they can correctly implement and follow through with the plan. Just make sure that you thoroughly train your employees to avoid any unnecessary hiccups.

8. “Remain curious and always learn…”

Never get too content with the knowledge that you already have, always be wanting to learn and grow as an individual and as a business. Seek advice and learn more about business. Here are some tools to help you do that:

* Small Business Administration (SBA)


9. Give advice FOR FREE

As a small business owner, you don’t want to do nothing for free, but sometimes your free advice can be your ticket to incoming revenue. When people here that you are an expert at what you do, they are more likely to invest and trust your company. Talk to people about the industry you are in, give advice.

10. Keep a planner

Log everything you do. Keeping track of your time can better help you manage your time.

11. Get a Paypal and/or Square account

If you have not already, get a Paypal and/or Square account. This can help you accept payment anywhere you are, send invoices and better keep track of your financial standing.

12. Begin a newsletter list

Help people to keep up with your business, gain new customers and sell your products.

13. Set an achievable goal for yourself

Hold yourself accountable and set a good goal for yourself. For example, my goal is to gain at least 10 clients this year. What is yours?

14. Think outside the box when it comes to marketing

Marketing can often times fall in a box, if you let it. Try to come up with new ways to market your brand.

15. Don’t be to hard on yourself, but push yourself

There is a THIN line between pushing yourself for your business and being too hard on yourself. Find a balance and have faith in yourself.

16. Take care of yourself

Let us know in the comment section below your New Year Business Resolutions!

Happy New Year From Kindred Communications!

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