Freebie (4)


  1. One-hour phone consultation/ brainstorming
  2. Create and analyze monthly communications and marketing flowchart job/analytics
  3. Perform and research routine competitive analyses to better understand how competition generates traffic; formulate recommendations to keep the brand competitive and fresh
  4. Research and identify speaking/attendance opportunities such as panels, conferences, organizations/community events.
  5. Creation and management of editorial calendar
  6. Two SEO optimized blog post a month
  7. Ten Facebook posts per week, ten Twitter posts a week, five Google + posts a week, four LinkedIn posts a week


  1. Evaluate potential opportunities to promote your brand with product placement
  2. Implementation and management of two monthly email newsletters
  3. Access to graphic designer, copywriter, illustrator, videographer and web developer (separate price)


  1. Create concepts for community events that will bring your brand to life
  2. Create an experience for customer referrals – Bonus

Community Engagement…

  1. Schedule and create grab-n-go’s and giveaway
  2. Identify key networking events for attendance
  3. Submission of key news elements or events to online calendars, promotion sites and target sites
  4. One social happy hour event (we help with this) – Bonus

Media Relations…

  1. Develop story ideas for press coverage
  2. One press release a month + 10 pitches + 2 follow-ups
  3. Work with your brand in the selection of gifts/products to give to target community figures/celebrities

Email: for price.