Work means nothing without a purpose. I truly believe that we were all placed here for a higher purpose. So, what do you believe your higher purpose is? Do you believe it is to help others? Invent a cure to a rapid disease? To change someone’s life? Why do you think that you are here?

The reason for me asking you this question is because as an entrepreneur there can be many days that you want to quit – but if you have a higher purpose, than you will push through that feeling. It took me a while to figure out what my purpose was; it was not until I started to reflect on what aspects of my life I enjoy the most. Once I realized I enjoyed helping others and really making a difference in the world, those revelations helped me to push through those burn out phases that come every once in a while.

Here are three ways to figure out your purpose for life to help you become a better business person:

1) Reflect and meditate

Our mind is constantly spinning. Did I turn off the coffee machine? Why didn’t he/she text me back? I need to cook some cookies for Tom’s bake sale… I should have stopped at the store…Our minds just never stop – until you give it a job aka a mantra. My mantra is, “God is love,” once I say that mantra over and over again, giving my mind a job I begin to meditate to gain clarity.

2) Take a vacation

If you are like me who recently experienced a burnout, you have to recharge yourself. The best way to recharge yourself is a relaxing vacation! Go to a beach, sit and do nothing. Sometimes sitting still can help you find the true you.

3) Get out and experience life.

This is the easiest one out of the whole list and the most difficult. Having different life experiences in life helps to make you a more real-rounded person and more cultured.

No matter what your business is, get out and figure your true purpose – having that knowledge will help you to become a better businessperson.

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