If you had to rate your web presence on a scale from 1-10, what would you rate yourself?

Take that grade and write two words next to it – inbound marketing. If your web presence is not strong, your inbound marketing strategy is failing.

As a business owner, it can be difficult to develop multiple marketing, branding and communication strategy; but it is necessary. I often explain business efforts and strategies are like spinning plates, they all have to spin at the time and one cannot lack; therefore, if your number above is low, you need to improve that.

To help you improve your inbound marketing efforts I will teach a few tricks that I have begun to practice that helped me notice a significant change in business.

Before I began promoting my brand, I had to ask myself who I was as a business owner, I had to develop my own persona/profile. 

Questions I had to ask myself was: what was my business goal, what was my tone, what made me different – what was my unique selling point and what were my pain points.

Next, I asked myself who can I partner with and what is their web presence?

Partnerships are VERY important. Try to align yourself with partners that have a strong web presence and an established inbound marketing sales funnel. You can use this partnership to leverage your web presence, as well and help to grow your brand.

Tip: Did you know one of the quickest ways to increase your SEO (search engine optimization) online, is to have other sites ping your brand/name/site.

Once you have fully evaluated your brand and began to form some partnerships, it is time to move onto your buyer personas. 

Use your buyer personas and buyers journey to help you implement the best practices for inbound marketing. You should use the research and knowledge that you have on your buyer persona and buyer journey to help your generate content that will appeal to your audience.

Lastly, create DOPE content. 

What is DOPE content?

D = deliverable

O = outstanding

P = personable

E = easy to read

Your content should be easily deliverable to your audience, outstanding enough to be shareable, personable to relate to your audience and help touch on their pain points and an easy read (aka bullet points, bolded, underlined, numbered, etc).

What kind of content can you create? 

An email newsletter, blogs, infographics, website pages, social media, landing pages, calls to actions, white papers, marketing materials, etc.

How have you tried to improve your inbound marketing? Tell me in the comment section below.

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