Starting a business is never easy. When I first started my business, there were many lessons I learned that I could have avoided, if I simply knew about them ahead of time. So, to help you not make the same mistakes I made, I have listed a few lessons I learned when I first started my business list below.

1) Get a lawyer.

You should have a lawyer on speed dial. You never know what can happen in your business and you need to make sure that you are covered and that your personal assets are not on the table.

2) Skip a DBA and just invest in a LLC.

To expand on the first point – I suggest that you do not get an DBA because if something happens in your business, a DBA does not protect you, only a LLC can do that. A DBA (doing business as…), is putting your personal accounts and personal assets on the line.

3) Get a CPA.

Taxes are important and you want to make sure that you are saving as much money as you can on your taxes. There are write-offs that you can receive as a small business owner that others cannot, get a CPA to do your taxes and get educated about them.

4) Content is your friend.

If you are like me, you have a love/hate relationship with writing. I love to write, but it is always such a daunting task to actually write; however, all businesses must have content. Content helps to drive sales, content helps to gain new customers/retain current customers and keeps your SEO going. An editorial calendar helps me to stay on top of my content. My biggest suggestion would be to get an editorial calendar, it helps to keep your content fresh and interesting.

5) Network, network, network

I used to roll my eyes when people said the cliché saying, “your network is your net worth,” but it is OH SO true and you need to develop your network. My business really began to take off when I started to network and gain referrals, I should have done it sooner! Networking is vital in your business.

6)THE MOST IMPERATIVE TIP: Take care of your health.

I was so stressed when I first started my business that I was not taking care of my health. I felt like I did not have time to workout, I did not have time to cook, nor keep up with my doctor appointments. It was not until I realized how my health was slipping, how important it was to carve out health and fitness into my daily routine. I had to start carving out time for 45 minute workouts, time to cook, and delegate my duties to assistants/interns to make my doctor appointments. Make time for your health, always!

What lessons did you learn when you first started your business or career? Tell me in the comment section below.

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