I always get excited for a new beginning and that includes a new month. I always gear up for a new month in my business, life and personally. For some reason this month seems a bit different for me; I am very optimistic about it. It’s like a got a hold of Honey Boo’s Boo’s ‘Go-Go Juice,’ and I feel anew.

The last two days of July, I was determined to gear up for a successful rest of the quarter. To help me do that I have a few ways that always get me excited for a new month.

1) I bought a new planner.

My previous planner did not end until December, but it had received its beating from throughout the year and I decided it was time to get a new one. (WARNING: I am a stationary person, so things like planners, planner stickers and post-it notes makes me a happy camper).

I use two planners: A Day Designer planner from Target and my planner, “Be The CEO To Your Life: A Planner + Guide For Entrepreneurs, Bloggers and Creatives.”


2) Begin a challenge.

I LOVE a good challenge. When I wanted to lose weight, I started a 4-week weight lose challenge (which a successfully completely), when I wanted to read more books I began a 12-month book reading challenge – so, needless to say, I am a challenge or bust kind of gal. For this month, I began an entrepreneur challenge for my business. Join me! Check out the day-to-day challenges below.


3) Reconnected to my spiritual source (G – O – D).

When you are doing good, seek Him. When you are doing bad, seek Him. Knowing that you are on a spiritual path always helps you to remember that you are here for a greater purpose. Everyday I read my daily devotional and hold my own bible study at home, just to help further my relationship with God and learn more about Him. When you know more about Him and form a stronger relationship Him, you feel more guided on your path.

Sometimes as an entrepreneur or as a business professional, you can tend to feel all over the place with all your deadlines and appointments, but it helps to take a moment and meditate on His word.

My favorite Psalm is Psalm 23.


4) Write down three short-term goals for the month.

I have to write EVERYTHING down, if not it will not become real. I once heard that a brilliant idea/ plan not written is simply a dream, but the moment it is written down it becomes a realistic goal. Isn’t amazing how powerful words on paper is? I love it!

I am excited for this new month of August and look forward to a productive and fulfilling month.

How do you get excited for a new month in your business? Share in the comment section below.

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