If you know me, you know that I LOVE Jennifer Lopez. I have loved her since I was in middle school. I used to dance to all her music videos, I knew every line in Selena, and yes – I even had the Glow by J.Lo fragrance. As I got older, I began to admire the entrepreneur side of her, once I noticed her work ethic and multiple businesses. Yes, I know that Jennifer Lopez probably has many assistants, workers and people around her to help her with those businesses, but it is still amazing the amount of work ethic that this woman has!

I have always been a multitasked-driven person. I never had just one job, even in high school, so I understand the purpose of having multiple streams of income. When I think about J.Lo’s multiple businesses I try to implement those same work ethics into my business journey. Here are the top five lessons that Jennifer Lopez taught me about being an entrepreneur.

1) Always have a passive income that you can make in your sleep.

J.Lo has a clothing line, a perfume collection, sunglasses and many more items that she is collecting money on in her sleep. That’s how you want to be as an entrepreneur. This can be an e-course, an online bootcamp, affiliate marketing, or an ebook. You want to have something that you can make money from while you are sleeping.

2) Expand your brand.

Every business has the opportunity to expand their brand to help build awareness, you just have to find the best avenue for you to travel. Here are a few examples:

A) Book speaking engagements

B) Volunteering in the community

C) Start a business professional group

3) When one project ends, be ready to discuss the next.

If you notice, Jennifer Lopez ALWAYS is working on something and can always go on talk shows because she has something new to promote. I watched her movie with Viola Davis, Lila and Eve (a must see – with an excellent plot twist!), once I watched her movie I tuned into Wendy Williams where she was promoting her television show Shades of Blue.

Always have something for people to look forward to, so your brand can stay on top of their minds.

4) Have a diverse brand.

If you notice her brand descends across every culture. She has successfully crossed over to every market.

5) Always have multiple streams of income.

Jennifer Lopez is not just a singer, she is a actress, producer, dancer and businesswoman. If she decides to retire from singing she can pursue her acting career more. She is never working on just one project and I think that is the most important aspect of being an entrepreneur; have something that you excel in, but also have a side hustle that can generate more income. I once read somewhere that most millionaires have at least three streams of income, and that has always stayed in my mind. With my business, I have a sales funnel that focuses on my clients, workshops/conferences/events and books. For me, Jennifer Lopez taught me how to setup my sales funnel. Who taught you how to be an entrepreneur? Share in the comment section below.

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