Just like businesses have to review their brand every year, you should do the same for your personal brand.

When developing a brand you must have a strategy and every strategy must have the essentials to make it work. Below I have included three easy and essential steps to revamp your personal brand to stand out from the crowd and bring you quick results.

1.Strategize the goal of your personal brand

It is one thing to have a personal brand, but do you know the reason why you have it? Is it to land that perfect job? Is it to become the entrepreneur you always dreamed of being? Have a purpose for your personal brand and strategize around that purpose.

To begin the strategizing process write out the who, what, when, where and how. Asking yourself these questions will help you to get the clarity that you need for your brand. Your main focus in asking yourself these questions is to figure out if your personal brand is in align with your future goals.

2. Learn something new

Want to be irreplaceable? Gain knowledge.

You could be in your field for YEARS but if there are new certifications out now that was not out 10 years ago, take the time to educate yourself and make yourself more marketable.

3. Say it with me…“LinkedIn Is Your Friend…”

I’ve seen many business professionals shy away from LinkedIn because they may not know what to do with, don’t have the time to build it or simply forget about their profile. LinkedIn is a powerful outlet and you never know when you might really need it, might as well keep it up to date and fresh so it can be the most updated version of you. ‘Stay ready so you never have to get ready.’

If you may not like your LinkedIn headshot take a friend to a local park, grab a good phone camera and take new headshots. Update your summary to intrigue your audience. Include all recent skills, experience and knowledge to spruce up your LinkedIn profile. Lastly, ask for recommendations! This is a nice touch for people to gain insight of the person you are and what is like to work with you.

These are only starter ways to get your personal brand spruced up, what some ways you can think of to revamp your personal brand? Tell me in the comment section below!

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