This 21-day activity book and planner helps you to create a well-balanced and purposeful life through daily checklists, goals, and task planning. Each day includes daily checklists, affirmations, note and reflection space, an hourly day planner to help you organize by the hour, a fitness log to ensure you are staying healthy and a daily journal prompt to encourage a space for creativity in your daily life.

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An essential guide to becoming a marketing rockstar! The Five Steps to Marketing Success: A Small Business Guide delivers a real-world and direct step-by-step guide for small business owners. This is the best comprehensive book, filled with progressive marketing strategies, that is relevant to today’s marketing needs.

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Planner + Guide 

 Are you an entrepreneur, blogger or creative seeking the ultimate planner and guide to help you keep everything in order? Pre-order the Be the CEO of Your Life Planner + Guide, today!

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Branding for Your Business

Do you have everything you need to rock your brand? Download our free branding checklist to see now!

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